The Armenian Relief Society, Inc. is the oldest Armenian women's organization, established in 1910 in New York City. Since its foundation, the ARS, Inc. has provided educational and humanitarian assistance to Armenians everywhere. Today, the ARS, Inc. has entities in 24 countries where members of the Society contribute to their communities and the larger world for the betterment of all humankind.

The ARS, Inc.'s programs include building, operating, and subsidising Armenian language schools, community centers, and nursery schools; sponsoring orphans and orphan meal programs in Armenia and Artsakh; granting scholarships to deserving and outstanding students; building a long-need community infrastructure in Javakhk, Georgia, and providing critical maternal care and general health services to the Gyumri, Armenia region which was struck by a devastating earthquake in 1988. This is just a small sample of our outreach and social relief efforts around the world.

The ARS, Inc. also collaborates with international humanitarian and government organizations, such as USAID, World Health Organisation, World Council of Churches, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and various Red Cross affiliates. The ARS, Inc. is proud to be a roster member of the United Nations' Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) and is an active participant in ECOSOC's many working groups.


The Armenian Relief Society of Australia was founded in 1965, with a handful of ladies who had migrated from different parts of the globe.

Having been daughters of 'Homuhis' (ARS members), they had seen the need to establish the same in Australia, and on August 22, 1965 the first committee was formed in Sydney for the founding 'Sosseh' chapter:

Isgouhi Momjian
Mary Nercessian
Ovsanna Proudian
Azadouhi Aposhian
Anjel Darakjian
Azniv Loussikian
Arpine Arsenian

Having grown substantially and very rapidly, it soon became an organisation with four chapters expanding to Sydney's West, where the 'Arax' chapter was formed in Fairfield in 1979 with over 50 members. This was closely followed by interstate expansion in Victoria, with the formation of the 'Nayiri' chapter in Melbourne in 1965. In 2008, Araz Chapter was form in Ryde, NSW.

ARS Australia became regional and formed it first committee on 15th of August 1965. The founding ARS Regional Executive Board was:

Mary Nercessian
Nevere Menzhagopian
Arsho Kherlopian
Azadouhi keosseian
Mary Affarian
Hilda Boghossian
Shakeh Manougian

Today, the Armenian Relief Society in Australia has over 330 members and has accomplished to build a very reputable name for itself as a community-based organisation, which aims to assist in the needs of Armenians and the greater Australian public.

Sosseh Chapter-Sydney

Regional Executive Board

President: Maral Pilibosian

Vice President : Ani Panoyan

Secretary: Adel Krajian

Vice Secretary : Sona Zaitounian

Treasurer : Rita Keosseian

Vice Treasurer : Mary Sarkissian

Advisor: Mary Deukmejian

Sosseh Chapter-Sydney

President: Luci Sevagian

Vice President: Talin Avedissian

Secretary: Maral Gulumian

Vice Secretary : Janet Mikaelian

Treasurer: Meline Kahramanian

Advisor: Natasha Tufenkjian

Advisor: Isabelle Keverian

Arax Chapter-Fairfield

President: Maggie Badelian

Secretary: Sonia Bedrosian

Treasurer: Rita Daghelian

Advisor: Rita Shahbazian

Advisor: Lucin Hagopian

Araz Chapter-Ryde

President: Nina Kaprielian

Vice President: Sosi Boghosian

Secretary: Ano Soofer

Treasurer: Ofik Keverian

Advisor: Garine Arakel

Nayiri Chapter-Melbourne

President: Silva Nercessian

Secretary: Azniv leblebjian

Treasurer: Vanouhi Mardirossian