Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Artsakh Movement In Stepanakert

Opening the proceedings, ARS/Artsakh Executive’s chairperson, Margarita Taranian stated, that the Armenian woman has always been at the forefront, not only as a loving mother and caring spouse, but also as a soldier of the Homeland.

The first speaker of the day was the chairperson of ARS/Armenia, Alvard Petrosian, who is also a Deputy in the National Assembly of Armenia. Chairperson Petrosian described in detail the activities of the Armenian woman during the momentous days of the armed struggle, as well as the efforts of the ARS as a sister of mercy. She emphasized, that the ARS will always remain true to its calling, doing its utmost to meet the needs of our people in both the Homeland and the Diaspora.

Addressing the audience In turn, Arzik Mkhitarian, director of Artsakh University’s School of Humanitarian Studies, spoke of “The Armenian Woman and the Education of Future Generations”. He reminded everyone, that the Artsakh Armenian woman, today keeps the same fire alive in the hearts of the youth, that some two decades before, had stirred an entire generation to rush to the defense of the Homeland.

The last speaker was Zhanna Galstian, Deputy to the Mountainous Karabagh Republic’s National Assembly, who stressed the point, that the gun is not the sole weapon of defense, and that the Armenian woman, as mother and teacher, serves everyday in the struggle to maintain and defend the Homeland.

After the speeches, the audience watched a tape depicting ARS activities in Artsakh, Armenia and Javakhq. At the conclusion of this presentation, children of the Artsakh “Soseh” Kindergarten entertained the audience with an artistic program.

In the following days, Artsakh news media widely spread the proceedings of this event appreciated by both local state officials and those who had participated in this celebration. Celebration of the 20-th Anniversary of the Artsakh Movement In Stepanakert.