Dear compatriots/fellow Armenians,

You are undoubtedly aware of the sad news of the Russian/Georgian conflict and the fighting which has resulted in heavy casualties and loss of property in many regions of Georgia.

The current situation in the warring zones, especially around Gori, and the presence of military factions and road closures has created a refugee crisis where, at least about 1500 families from Gori region fled to seek refuge in JAVAKHK where fellow Armenians opened their houses and offered whatever little help they could afford to the fleeing families who lost their homes, properties and workplaces. The number of refugees is expected to rise dramatically in the next few weeks.

The Armenian Relief Society has urged all its branches and all other factions to take drastic measures to ensure that immediate help is extended to the JAVAKHK refugees who urgently require food, clothing, shelter and medical attention.

Armenians all over the world, for decades, faced their crises and national dilemmas with courage and the understanding of being one hand in supporting each other to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Sadly once again we are faced with a situation where we feel it is our national obligation to come to the rescue.

The Armenian Relief Society of Australia, therefore, wishes to touch upon your kindness once again and appeals to each and every member of our Australian Armenian community to give generously and immediately to our fellow Armenians in

GEORGIA and asks you to direct all your donations to:
ARS Regional Executive of Australia
259 Penshurst Street
Willoughby, NSW 2068

For further information please contact:
Mrs. Sirvart Shirinian PH. (02) 9411 2689 Mob.0402 048 556
Mrs. Asdghik Alajajian PH. (02) 9958 3909 Mob.0419 567 444

PS. All cheques/money orders to be made to ARS Regional Executive of Australia 
Envelopes to be marked "JAVAKHK APPEAL"