The ARS Participates in the Artsakh Tufenkian Foundation Conference

The Armenian Relief Society participated in this Conference with two representatives, who, alongside the general sessions, participated also in the workshop sessions, focusing on Health and Education issues. In the realm of Education, the ARS Central Executive agreed to participate in the restoration work of schools in the Qashatagh region, or to assume responsibility for the renovation of one or more kindergartens, also to invite the staffs of Qashatagh kindergartens to the projected professional qualification classes for the staffs of the ARS “Soseh” Kindergartens in Artsakh.

In the realm of Health issues, the ARS expressed its readiness to assist -- through the facilities of its Akhurian “Mother-and-Child” Health Center -- in the re-training process of parallel staffs employed at Qashatagh, as well as providing medications and basic equipment available at the Ishkhanadzor medic-assistance center. The ARS also agreed to take part in the efforts to create new medic-assistance centers.

At the conclusion of the Conference, ARS Central Board chairperson, Hasmig Derderian, congratulated, in highly laudable terms, the Tufenkian Foundation for organizing this Conference and the initiatives taken thus far across Qashatagh. She affirmed, that the entire Armenian nation is under a multi-faceted obligation to assist to the needs of each and every Armenian inhabitant of Qashatagh and, that the ARS is not only ready to honor the duties assumed at the Conference, but to continue its efforts -- along directives set by the Artsakh authorities -- to assure a prosperous future for the people of Kashatagh.

Following the Conference, the ARS participants remained in Artsakh for further field work. They visited the Garegah, Stepanakert, Shoushi, and Aigestan ARS “Soseh” kindergartens of Kashatagh region. After the visits, the ARS Central Board chairperson stated: “We are pleased, that kindergartens promoted by the ARS are considered the best in Artsakh, however, we still have a long road to cover to provide our children with the very best.”

While in Artsakh, the ARS Central Executive team, accompanied by the ARS/Artsakh chairperson, Margarita Taranian, met with the Artsakh Republic’s Prime Minister Arayik Harutiunian, Education Minister Vladik Khachatrian, and Health Minister Armen Khachatrian.

All Artsakh officials had praise for the services rendered the Republic by the ARS -- be it during the war years, be it over the aftermath. They stated, that the authorities are always willing to cooperate with the Armenian Relief Society, as with all organizations working for the advancement of Artsakh. During the meetings, the fundamental issue was raised, that Artsakh has long since left behind the post-war era, and must invest all assistance in the concerted efforts made to achieve quality on the highest level, to solidify the foundations of the State, and to realize the strategic programs designed to raise its population’s standard of living. Along those lines, there was consensus, that it is necessary to establish coordination in the activities of the State and civil organizations and societies.

Before leaving Artsakh, the ARS Central team had working sessions with the ARS/Artsakh executive and office staff and paid a visit to the ARF Artsakh Central Committee office, where it was received by members of the Central Committee. A visit was paid also to the museums of the Artsakh Liberation War, and of Those Missing in Action.